Traditional Afrikan Beer

Homebrewed with ancient wisdom to nourish both body and soul

Our Story

“But what happened to the black woman who could not be absorbed into domestic service in the cities at the end of the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth centuries? The only alternative occupation that was easy to adjust to … was beer brewing.” – Ellen Kuzwayo, in her book, Call Me Woman (1985)

Traditional Afrikan Beer, primarily brewed by Afrikan women, is intricately intertwined with Afrikan culture. As late as the 1980’s domestic-scale brewing of this beverage was the single greatest source of employment for women in some Afrikan countries. The beverage is naturally nutritious as it is high in B vitamins, amino acids, and probiotics. 

We are a social business which supports homebrewers of traditional Afrikan beer to produce the customarily nutritious beverage safely, efficiently, and profitably. We do this by (1) hiring them as contract manufacturers while offering quality control and manufacturing support; and (2) by getting their brews to new customers at restaurants, events and local markets.